Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board can be a great, creative way of identifying your professional goals and dreams. While they can be used in every facet of life, vision boards can bring a wide variety of benefits to your professional life, and help you achieve what you may have once thought was unattainable. Here’s how to get started:

Decide the Focus

Vision boards work best when they are focused on something specific, such as a specific goal related to work, your business and what you want to achieve, or the ideal work life balance you’re hoping to maintain. Next, you’ll want to write down that focus and any words or phrases that come to mind. Then, decide what medium you’d like to use for your board. Will it be physical or digital? A physical board will need to find a specific space to live in your office or home, whereas a digital board can be easily accessed wherever you go, and makes an ideal desktop background for computers.

Find Inspiring Words & Pictures

Vision boards are visual representations of your goals, so finding inspiring words and pictures that relate can help bring it to life. For physical boards, consider using magazines, newspapers, or personal pictures. For digital boards, you have the whole internet at your disposal, however, Pinterest in particular can be a helpful tool when it comes to quickly filtering your results to your specific goal.

A helpful tip is to use the pictures that instantly spark creativity or represent in some way what you’re hoping to achieve. Whatever you’re drawn to is usually the best result, so it can be helpful to avoid overthinking how the board will look all together and instead focus on how each picture represents what you’re hoping to achieve.

Make the Collage

Once you have all of your images and text together, you can create the collage. If your board is physical, you can stick to the typical office supplies like glue, scissors, stickers, tape, and more. For digital boards, you can simply compile everything together on your computer. Whatever your preference, you should dedicate a few hours to this task.

Display Your Board

Once your vision board has been created, find the right place to display it. Physical boards will do well in a place where you will see it frequently, like in the kitchen before you leave for the work day or in your office so you can reference it whenever you’re seeking some extra motivation. Digital boards can live as your desktop or phone background.

Get creative and have fun with it!

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