Tips for Office Feng Shui

Last month, we asked you to tell us where you’ve been working: at home, in the office, or under a hybrid model of both. The majority of you indicated that you’re back in commercial workspaces, while the minority are working from home and a handful are doing a hybrid mix of both. Regardless of your current workspace, adding feng shui into the design plan can bring some helpful benefits to your professional life.

The Relationship Corner

Stand in front of your workspace and locate the far right corner of the room or your desk. That corner is otherwise known as the “relationship corner” which is related to earth elements and the color pink. Consider placing something pink or something that represents the earth into that corner, for example: a salt lamp, a stone sculpture, or a piece of artwork that you enjoy. The relationship corner is dedicated to growing partnerships and cultivating strong work relationships with clients, colleagues, collaborators, and customers.

The Wealth Corner

The wealth corner is located on the far right side of your room or desk. Meant to represent financial abundance, prosperity and opportunities, this corner can be activated with green plants, crystals, or a wood element. Before you add anything to the space, consider your intention: do you want to find more networking opportunities, help the company reach important milestones, or elevate your own professional career? Whatever the goal, placing each item down with intention can help bring it to life.

Add Plants for Growth

In feng shui, plants are connected to growth, vitality, and new beginnings. Meant to represent your career, the plants will need attention and nurturing in order to grow, and taking care of them is symbolic of taking control and nurturing your own dreams and goals. Consider placing plants in various parts of your work area to bring in new life and energy into the space.

If you’re considering adding feng shui into your office design, try these tips to get started.

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