Customer Service: Above and Beyond

An airline already known for their brilliant customer service, Southwest has earned themselves an incredible amount of loyal customers. When Carl and Mellisa Pascarella were traveling to Los Angeles from Washington, DC, the airline did it once again, but this time gaining not two, but three new customers.

Carl and Mellisa managed to receive two last minute tickets from Southwest Airlines on their special journey to pick up the newborn baby girl they were adopting. The couple informed the flight crew of their reason for being aboard, and that’s when Southwest’s employees set the standard once again for what true customer service means. Both the crew and passengers had written notes of well wishes on napkins for good luck for the Pascarella’s and their newest addition. Furthermore, they called their destination airport in a bid to make the couple’s day even more incredible. When they touched down at LAX, Carl and Mellisa were greeted with welcome signs and a baby gift.

Customer Service: Above and Beyond 1

Photo credit: Faith Pot

When discussing the special moment Southwest said, “Corporate objectives and missions are not unique to Southwest, and I’d imagine most carriers have a similar dedication to customer service baked into their mission statement. What sets us apart is our people. All of the employees in that story cared enough to do something special for that couple; to go out of their way because they knew how impactful it could be, and how much they wanted to shower them in love.”

Needless to say, Southwest Airline has a knack for going above and beyond.

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