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A new year signals a fresh start and an opportunity to organize your workspace so you can work more functionally and happily throughout the year. The key to a practical office starts with a proper filing system and, perhaps most importantly, high-quality labels. Labels are a fantastic way to keep track of your files, and Avery has created the perfect option for those looking to elevate their current system. Avery’s TrueBlock File Folder Labels feature an ultra-strong adhesive, can be customized, and make organization a breeze. Here’s a little more about what makes them so great:

Blank Canvas, Perfect for Color-Coding

You can easily use colored pens or free online tools to color-code the labels to work productively in an office. Color coding will help you keep everything organized so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. It can also help to stay focused while working because there’s no question about what file goes where: just grab the correct color folder and open it up!

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Avery TrueBlock File Folder Labels are compatible with laser and inkjet printers, making it easy to use the labels at home or in the office. Once you print the labels, the adhesive keeps them securely in place on your file folders or binders, regardless of how many times they get reused!

TrueBlock Technology

One of the best parts of Avery’s TrueBlock File Folder Labels is the True Block Technology, designed to cover everything beneath the label for a clean, sleek, and organized appearance.

If you’re ready to organize your office for the New Year, then Avery’s TrueBlock File Folder Labels are your solution.

Check out this video to see how Avery can help you level up at work.

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