Thank Your Customers Week

While ‘Thank Your Customers Week’ may have been the first week of January, it’s always a good idea to show your customers how much you value and appreciate their patronage and support. A great way to do that is by sending them something that feels personal and genuine. Here are a few helpful tips on how to write the ultimate thank-you note.

Decide Which Format Works Best for Your Business

For smaller businesses, handwritten thank-you notes are a fantastic way to show your appreciation. For larger businesses, that may not be a feasible undertaking, so emails could be a better option. Select a reliable email template that doesn’t feel too generic and add the customer’s name at the top or in the subject line, so it feels more personal.

Use the Appropriate Greeting

Being respectful when communicating with customers is essential, so using the appropriate greeting is paramount. For customers you know, you can start the communication with “Hi,” and for those you don’t know, “Dear” makes more sense. For more formal communications, they should be addressed as “Mr.”, “Ms.” and so forth, and for informal communications, their first name works well. Make sure you triple-check the spelling of the recipient’s name before sending it out.

Make the Message Genuine

Keep the content of your note or email genuine, including specific details, so it feels more personal. For example, if someone named Sara recently bought an item from your store, be sure to reference the item specifically, thank her for choosing your business to shop from, and ask her how she is enjoying the product. This will make your customers feel valued and remembered, increasing brand loyalty.

Look Towards the Future

The end of your note should look towards the future. This can be done by telling your customers that you look forward to them visiting your store online or in-person again soon, that you can’t wait to give them the inside scoop on future discounts and sales, or simply that you look forward to serving them again in the near future.

Give Customers a Way to Respond

Whether you include a physical or digital reply address, it’s important that customers have a way of responding to your communications. Whether they have additional questions about their orders, want to submit helpful feedback, or are interested in learning about your other products or services, keeping that line of communication open will help to extend the conversation with your customers.

Happy “Thank Your Customers Week!”

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