Elevate Your Workspace

It’s easy to put your work area on the backburner when focusing on major projects and upcoming deadlines, however, taking some time to re-energize your environment actually has the power to boost your productivity and overall performance. Consider trying some of these ideas to make your workspace, your happy place.

Invest in an Air Freshener

Investing in how your workspace smells can provide major improvements to productivity. In fact, according to Jon Card from the UK Guardian, this small change can yield impressive results, “In Japan, the Takasago Corporation carried out research into how smells affect the accuracy of a typist. It found that 54% made fewer errors when they smelled lemon, 33% fewer with Jasmine, and 20% fewer with lavender.

Make It Yours

While having too many personal items can be distracting, bringing in one or two items can actually improve your happiness at work while also creating a more relaxed and positive environment. Consider bringing in a photo of your pet or family, an image of your favorite quote, or your favorite mug from home.

Bring It To Life

Bring in a plant from your garden or your favorite succulent as a way to bring the outdoors, indoors. Any glimpse of nature has been proven to boost creativity in addition to being a relaxing and uplifting feature in your workspace.

Keep It Tidy

Oftentimes keeping your desk neat is the last thing on your mind while working on a big project, however, studies have shown that keeping your space organized and clean can actually boost your productivity and overall performance. Rather than shuffling through an array of papers or trying to find a pen in a chaotic mess, keeping your desk neat will allow you to locate all of your office products and supplies seamlessly while maintaining plenty of space to accomplish your tasks.

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