Encouraging Employees to Return to the Office

Many businesses are encouraging employees to return to the office. While many people welcome the idea with open arms, others have a harder time re-adjusting to going back to work in person more often. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier so the office is a welcoming and productive environment:

Introduce New Benefits

By introducing new benefits when employees return to the office, you’re acknowledging that this is a new normal and that things can’t go back to how they were pre-pandemic. From allowing pets in the workspace to setting up more enticing breakrooms and offering free parking spaces, there are various ways you can entice employees to return.

Optimize the Office Space

The office can be a place where fun and productivity meet. While you should ensure that employees can focus on their work, with private cubicles or office spaces, there should also be areas where employees can have fun and collaborate. A great option is to ask employees what they would enjoy having in the space, from softer seating options to collaborative work pods.

Host Social Events

Something that people have missed while working from home is the social aspect of being in the office, so it can be helpful to capitalize on that as you ask people to return. From fun office lunches to employee parties and more, there are various opportunities to allow employees to socialize together while simultaneously promoting a culture of hard work and dedication. Furthermore, the more employees bond and spend time together, the greater they can collaborate on tasks and projects in the future.

Looking for inspiration for your business? Check out this video to hear what employees have to say about Fellowes’s office culture.

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