Planning a Corporate Wellness Retreat

If you’re considering planning a corporate wellness retreat, there are a few tips to ensure you’re maximizing employee happiness, productivity, and relaxation. Not only can a wellness retreat be a perfect opportunity to boost employee camaraderie, but it can also help reinforce team-building skills that can be helpful throughout the workday. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Picking the right venue is the first step to planning the retreat. You can choose to host the event on-site (in the office) or off-site if your budget allows. Ask yourself what activities are on the agenda, from meals and networking sessions to happy hours, and choose a venue that is best suited to incorporate everything you have in mind. No matter what you choose, your venue should foster a sense of relaxation and peace for employees.

Keep the Size of the Group in Mind

In order to keep engagement levels high throughout the event, consider the size of the group that will be in attendance. While larger groups may respond better to longer presentations, smaller groups may perform better in more intimate breakout sessions where everyone’s voice can be heard. Depending on the content being discussed during the retreat, a combination of both size groups may be preferred. A wellness retreat is about employee well-being, and each element should leave them feeling renewed and energized.

Keep the Itinerary Balanced

A wellness retreat is all about balance. For every presentation or meeting you have, include some form of downtime or relaxing activity for employees to enjoy. Whether you turn a room in the office into the ultimate yoga studio or book a particular place at your venue for a meditation session, employees should feel like they have time throughout the event to focus on themselves and their mental wellness.

Get Employee Input

The best way to make sure the event is a success is to ask employees in advance what types of activities they would most enjoy. From sending out a survey they can complete online to putting a suggestion box in the breakroom for them to share their ideas, you can show each person in your organization that their opinions are valued and taken into consideration.

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