Give Back By Donating Blood

The holiday season may be behind us, but giving back to those in need never goes out of style. In honor of January being National Blood Donor Month we compiled a list of some of the ways blood donations can make a critical impact on your community and even offer helpful insight into your own health. Take these factors into account as you consider donating blood and encourage your coworkers and loved ones to do the same.

You Can Save a Life

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. is in need of blood, and even one donation can save up to three lives. By donating blood you are actively helping to save a life, and by donating on a regular basis you truly can play a part in saving millions of people. But don’t just stop there! Spreading knowledge is another powerful way to give back. Consider having a conversation with your colleagues about how impactful even one donation can be to make a difference beyond your own donations.

It’s Like Getting a Free Check Up

Okay, so maybe donating blood isn’t exactly like going to your doctor, but it can offer you great insight into your own health. Prior to the blood draw you’ll be given a short physical exam where they’ll check everything from your pulse to your hemoglobin. If you have any underlying health issues you had yet to discover, these brief physicals can help reveal any potential problems.

After you donate blood, the clinic will share any causes for concern. All donations are tested for certain infectious disease pathogens. For more information on this, visit the CDC website:

It Can Improve Your Mental State

Donating blood on a regular basis can help improve your mental health much like volunteering. Helping others has been scientifically linked to improving your happiness over time. So not only are you helping others and looking out for your health, but you can become a better, happier person at the same time.

Take it a step further and spread the happiness by encouraging those around you to do the same! From hosting an office blood drive to simply encouraging a few of your colleagues to come with you the next time you donate, you can make a big impact.

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