Poll Results: How New Year’s Eve was Celebrated

In January through a poll, we asked how you celebrated the New Year. The majority of responses were practical where people chose to stay home and go to bed by 10, the second most popular answer was keeping it sensible celebrating at home, while the smallest majority chose to go out and countdown to midnight! No matter how you chose to celebrate, we hope you had a great start to 2021. Read on to see how other people celebrated the end of 2020 and creative ways you can celebrate future holidays:

Some Went Virtual

With COVID-19 still preventing large groups from gathering, some people chose to make their celebration virtual this year. From counting down to midnight on a video call to enjoying a nice family dinner over Zoom, people were still able to create a special and memorable night despite social distancing. As we approach future holidays like Valentine’s Day, consider celebrating virtually.

Remember, celebrating the holidays isn’t just reserved for family and friends. A great option for bonding with your coworkers is to set up virtual parties for major holidays throughout the year. Employees near and far will be able to gather together and spend some time getting to know each other outside a professional environment.

Some Dressed Up

Regardless if you went out or went to bed, many people chose to dress up to ring in the new year. However, for those who dressed up and stayed in, putting in the extra effort made the night all the more special. If you found yourself wishing you had something to dress up for, consider creating a fun event yourself and inviting others to join!

If you want to do something for yourself and your colleagues, consider hosting a dinner party to get to know your team better and encourage everyone to dress up and put a bit more effort into their appearance for the night. Another option is to create a dress-up day for people in the office and working virtually, where people can gather in the breakroom or on a video call and discuss the outfits they chose, from crazy hats to a fun pair of sneakers.

Some Observed Special Moments

New Year’s Eve has always been synonymous with party hats, fireworks, and noisemakers. To celebrate the end of 2020, many people chose to keep the tradition alive. As we approach future holidays in 2021, consider doing the same regardless if your celebrations are virtual or in-person.

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