How to Welcome New Employees to Your Team

Hiring someone new can be very exciting, but ensuring they experience a warm welcome is paramount to their future success within the company. Whether in person or remote, here are a few ways to welcome a new employee aboard.

Host Company-Wide Calls

One of the best ways to ensure new employees feel welcome is to make sure everyone knows who they are on their first day. Host a company-wide in person or video call so people all throughout the organization can introduce themselves and explain their role. This will allow your new employee to put faces to names, feel more comfortable, and make quicker connections with their colleagues.

Access to Digital Channels

Prior to their first day, be sure to give new employees access to every channel on the company software that they’ll need to complete their assignments. If you have any channels dedicated to non-work related items, be sure to include them as well so they have a chance to get to know their colleagues beyond a professional setting. This will help them naturally integrate themselves into the company culture.

Ice Breakers

In order for employees to reach their highest potential, it’s important that they take some time beyond work to enjoy each other’s company. Ice breakers, whether done virtually or in-person, can be a great way to get a new employee acclimated quickly. Whether employees send in baby photos and guess who is who, or play the classic game “two truths and a lie,” letting new employees get to know their team members on a more personal level can make the process feel more genuine.

Weekly Coffee

For the first two months, your new employee will likely continue adapting to their workload, company culture, and much more. Carve out some time once a week if possible to grab coffee together in person or virtually and discuss how the week has gone. You can cover everything from workload and work/life balance to how they feel they’re fitting in with the team and if there is anything you can do to make the transition easier.

As you welcome a new employee on board, it can be helpful to remember your first day, what went right and what left something to be desired, and take that knowledge into how you welcome your new team members.

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