A Guide to Cleaning the Office Breakroom

The office breakroom is an escape for many employees, since it can be used to take a break from the busy workday. Because so many people come into the breakroom every day, it’s a gathering spot for all sorts of germs. You and your coworkers need to regularly clean the breakroom, not just to keep it presentable, but to also keep everyone from getting sick. We recommend using the following tricks for cleaning your office breakroom.

Avoid Sponges

A common guideline for cleaning breakrooms is to avoid using sponges to clean any of the surfaces or appliances. If someone leaves a wet sponge on the counter and forgets to wring it out then any of the germs picked up will spread quickly. In fact, this is why sponges are rarely used in restaurants and other eating establishments.

Instead, you should use brushes and disposable towels to clean your office breakroom. Brushes can help capture germs, and by washing them you can quickly get rid of bacteria and other germs. If you choose to use disposable towels make sure you throw them out when you are done using them so the germs don’t spread.

Wash Dishes, Surfaces, & Appliances (Inside & Out)

To keep your breakroom clean, wash any dishes you use. You also need to wipe down tables, countertops, and other flat surfaces to fight germs and clean spills before they leave permanent marks. Be sure to stock up on cleaning solutions (like dish soap and disinfectants) so you can clean the breakroom on a regular basis.

You should also be washing any appliances on the inside and outside, since they are used by many different workers throughout the day. Make sure these appliances are switched off so you don’t run the risk of hurting yourself when you clean inside them. If you have a toaster in the breakroom, unplug it every once in a while so you can shake out any loose crumbs.

Mop or Vacuum the Floors

Workers eat in the breakroom, so there’s a pretty good chance that the floor will get dirty from crumbs and spills from time to time. Therefore, dedicate some time to cleaning the floor in your breakroom. Depending on the flooring of your breakroom, you will either need a mop or a vacuum.

If your breakroom is carpeted, you will need to vacuum to pick up dust and crumbs, while using disposable towels to remove any stains on the floor. On tiled or hardwood floors, you can use either a dust mop or a wet mop to clean up. Dust mops are great for picking up dust and dirt, while wet mops are good for clearing up spills.

Do not use a wet mop to clean dirt, because doing so will move the dirt around, and you will make a bigger mess.

Empty Trash Cans Regularly

You should take out the trash daily in your breakroom. Discarded food can leave unpleasant smells and attract insects if it isn’t disposed of properly. Make sure someone takes out the breakroom trash at the end of the week before everyone goes home too. Keep a supply of trash bags on hand so you always have a way to get rid of garbage.

It is also a good idea to watch for any tears in the garbage bag during the week. Different liquids can leak if the bag rips, so make sure to wash the can if this happens. Failing to do so will allow bacteria to grow around the leaking liquid, and this can quickly stink up the breakroom and put workers at risk of getting sick.

Work Together

There’s usually a lot to clean in an office breakroom, since so many people use it throughout the day. Therefore, it’s important to work together on the cleanup process. After all, it’s not fair to have one person cleaning up the messes of every other employee in the office.

Get everyone in the office to clean up after themselves so the breakroom stays in pristine condition. Have a different person clean the dishes and countertops each week so everyone has a chance to do their share. Cleaning up the breakroom becomes much less strenuous when everyone does something to help.

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