Hacks for Easy Office Storage & Organization

Storing your work supplies isn’t easy when you don’t have a lot of room. Keeping everything on your desk creates clutter, but throwing everything to the side won’t fix the problem either. If you’re having trouble organizing your desk, we have a few recommendations for you.

Try these simple work hacks to create effective storage and organization solutions for your workspace.

Repurpose Old Items into Supply Containers

Do you have old shoe boxes, cans, or jars sitting around at home? Do you have an old tackle box that you don’t have any use for? Bring them to work so you can turn them into homemade supply cases.

Grab some old cans at home, label them with a marker, and use them to store specific items, such as pens, pencils, and paper clips. You can also take some square mason jars, stack them up sideways, and use hot glue to stick them together into a homemade desk organizer. This is a great way to store your work supplies without having to spend extra money on containers.

Binder Clips for Storing Wires & Pens

Tired of trying to organize the mess of wires underneath your desk? Try clipping some binder clips onto the side of your desk to turn them into makeshift organizers. Just loop the wires through the individual clips to make it easier to determine where each wire goes.

Binder clips can be used for other storage purposes as well. Office pens typically have clips on them, so you can hang them from the wires of the binder clips to keep them off your desk. Try putting some nails in the wall to stick the clips up; then you can use them to hold documents and other papers on the wall.

Use Your Walls & Doors

Most office workers don’t realize that they can use their office walls for storage. Using the walls to store things is an extremely effective solution, especially when you work in a small office. For example, certain file organizers can hang on doors, and are perfect for workers who don’t have enough room for a filing cabinet.

If your office has shelves on the wall, use them to store items you don’t need to have on your desk. Speak with your boss or supervisor to see about installing shelves in your office if you don’t have them already. Hang a white board in your office to make reminders for yourself.

Buy Drawer Dividers

Drawers are great for storing items you don’t want on your desk, but when you keep tossing things in the drawer it can become unorganized as well. That is why you should invest in some dividers so you can separate sections of your drawer and stay organized.

Label Your Wires

Another simple way to organize your wires is to give them colorful labels. Colored tape, like washi tape, is recommended. Take a few strips of tape, and use a marker to label the different devices that your wires go into, such as the computer or your office phone.

Follow the wires back to the outlet, and properly label each one. This will make it much easier to determine which plug needs to come out if you need to unplug a specific device.

If none of these creative ideas work, visit our website for some more common organization and storage solutions!


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