Keeping Your Money Safe While You Travel

Traveling can be a lot of fun, whether you are heading to a different state or out of the country entirely. However, your money is at risk while you travel, for a number of different reasons. If you are away from home, it can be challenging to get assistance if your money is stolen. Before you head out on your trip, review these tips so you can keep your money safe.

Before You Leave

Before you leave for your trip, there are a few things you should do to prepare. To start, give your bank a call so they know you will be making purchases from different places. This is especially important if you are traveling out of the country, because the bank may decline any purchases or transactions you make if they don’t know you’re out of the country.

It would also be wise to set up a spending limit before you leave. Not only will this stop you from overspending, it will also keep more of your money safe if your credit card goes missing. Finally, if you are going out of the country be sure to exchange some of your money at the bank to get the corresponding currency for the place you are visiting.

Never Let Your Belongings Out of Your Sight

Here’s an important tip for anyone traveling: never put down your belongings, and don’t let them out of your sight. Thieves typically target items that no one is holding onto at a given moment. These people act fast, so your wallet or purse could be at serious risk, even if you put it down or lose sight of it for a few seconds.

Always keep your personal items close by, and try not to put them down if you don’t have to. If you need to put something down, make sure you keep your eyes on it so no one can take it without you knowing.  It only takes a few seconds for someone to run off with an unattended wallet or purse.

Hide & Split up Your Money

If you are carrying money in your pocket as you travel, there are a few ways to hide it so no one can steal it. Travel belts are commonly used for this, since they contain secret compartments that can hold your money, while keeping it out of sight and out of reach. Some people even hide money in their shoes.

The best thing you can do while traveling is to split money up among different areas. Keeping all your money in one place is rarely a good idea, because if the money gets stolen you won’t have anything left to use. Splitting up your money ensures you will still have some money left to use if something does happen.

Set Strong Passwords on Your Devices

Keeping your money and credit cards safe is important, but you can’t forget that your personal devices, like your phone, may also have your financial information on them. If any of these devices get stolen, a thief can get access to your credit card numbers, and can use them to buy things under your name. You should set stronger passwords on your electronic devices so no one can break into them while you travel.

As an extra precaution, be sure to remove your credit card information, as well as saved passwords for any online stores, while you are out. This ensures that no one can make any fraudulent purchases, even if your device’s password is compromised. You can always add this information back in your phone once you return from the trip.


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