Helpful Microsoft Word Shortcuts

It’s likely that you’re already familiar with Microsoft Word, but you may not know about the myriad of shortcuts available to save you time and improve your work and overall efficiency throughout the day. Here are some shortcuts that could improve your workflow.

General Shortcuts

Create a new document Ctrl+N
Open an existing document Ctrl+O
Save a document Ctrl+S
Close a document Ctrl+W
Undo an action Ctrl+Z
Run a spelling and grammar check F7

Editing Text

Delete one word to the left Ctrl+Backspace
Delete one word to the right Ctrl+Delete
Copy text or graphics to the Clipboard text Ctrl+C
Paste the Clipboard contents Ctrl+V

Paragraph Formatting

Increase a paragraphs indent one level Ctrl+M
Reduce a paragraphs indent one level Ctrl+Shift+M
Center a paragraph Ctrl+E
Left align a paragraph Ctrl+L
Right align a paragraph Ctrl+R
Remove all paragraph formatting Ctrl+Q

Try these shortcuts today and use Microsoft Word more efficiently.


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