The Value in Creating an Inclusive Office Culture

When it comes to office culture, it’s important to make every employee feel included and part of the team. Not only can this help everyone feel happier while working, but it can also improve each employee’s work ethic and the overall success of the organization. Keep reading to learn the simple but powerful ways that you can help make your office culture inclusive.


It’s important to lead by example when it comes to improving office culture. Consider the relationships you have with your colleagues and supervisors. Do you feel like everyone is able to speak and share their thoughts comfortably? A helpful way to foster deeper connections is to be more open and put yourself out there. Others may become inspired and start to do the same, creating a ripple effect of comfort and inclusivity within the office.

Another helpful tip is to not make any assumptions about anyone. Instead, let them open up to you over time. For example, someone who may seem stressed and unapproachable may actually be struggling with something in their personal life. By practicing patience and giving someone space to open up in their own time, you can avoid jumping to conclusions and potentially isolating yourself or your colleague from being a part of the office culture.

Keep an Open Mind

While connection is key to an inclusive office culture, keeping an open mind can be equally as valuable. It’s important to practice putting stereotypes, and judgements aside and get to know someone through your interactions with them. By removing any predisposed judgements, you’re allowing yourself to get to know someone in an authentic and genuine way, making you both feel more comfortable and creating a relationship that goes beyond the surface level.

Sometimes in a workplace, keeping an open-mind means allowing yourself to consider new and different ideas. While you may not end up agreeing with your colleagues, allowing yourself to consider different points of view is valuable not just to the company culture but also to its overall success.

Celebrate Differences

No two people are the same, and that’s a gift! Now that you’ve learned the importance of ensuring everyone in the office is being heard, it’s time to celebrate the differences that make your team unique. This can be done in many ways, like creating a shared calendar where people can add festivities that are important to them or hosting a virtual or socially distanced “show and tell” where employees can present something that makes them unique. By helping all of your colleagues feel more comfortable, appreciated, and celebrated, you’re not just improving the office culture, you’re helping them learn to shine.

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