How Randomly Assigned Conversation Can Boost Productivity

As many people continue working remotely, opportunities to have organic conversations with your coworkers have slowed significantly. Enter the latest trend in productivity: randomly assigned conversation. This concept is when two people within a company have a random conversation over video conference call or by phone for a specific amount of time. While the concept itself can seem strange, it produces a host of benefits that directly impact employee collaboration and productivity. Here’s why you should consider adopting the trend in your organization.

Improve Collaboration

By having the opportunity to talk to people in your organization that you might not otherwise connect with, you’re given the chance to learn about another part of the business and how you can possibly work together on future assignments. Not only will this help boost productivity and efficiency, but it will also help foster an environment of teamwork.

Find Solutions

When it comes to projects, talking through challenges can be an efficient way to reach solutions and finish the task. By incorporating randomly assigned conversations into your workplace, employees are able to talk through potential roadblocks and hear a diverse set of solutions they may not have otherwise considered. Ultimately this will leave employees feeling engaged and motivated to get the job done.

Make Connections

With social distancing and an increase in people working remotely, break room conversation has become a rarity in today’s world. Randomly assigned conversation throughout the company gives organizations the ability to create networking opportunities for employees while simultaneously creating a sense of office culture despite the distance. It’s important to remember that employee happiness correlates directly to productivity. By giving employees a specific time throughout their workday to build connections with their superiors and coworkers alike, they can create relationships that can elevate their career and even make friends along the way.

Consider these benefits to see if randomly assigned conversation is right for your organization.

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