The Gift of Giving

‘Tis the season for giving, and while the world may still be adjusting to its new “normal” there are still countless ways to give back to those in need this time of year. Here are some creative and socially distanced ways to make a difference this holiday season.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of knowledge. Make a point to discuss a cause close to your heart with family and friends and let them know why it’s so important to you. Not only will this help spread awareness, but by working together to find creative ways to give back you can double the difference you make and build a stronger bond.

Give a Gift That Gives Back

Rather than purchasing items for family and friends this year, considering donating to their charity of choice in their name. Not only will you be helping a cause important to them, but you’ll also help the charity make the holiday season better for someone else.

Give the Gift of Thanks

Use this time as an opportunity to give thanks to those who have helped you throughout the year. From coworkers to family members and friends, reach out and show them gratitude for their kindness. Not only will you help to make their day a little brighter and remind them how important they are to you, but you could also inspire them to do the same.

Give a Gift Online

You can social distance and give back at the same time by making a difference online. From donating to your favorite charities to starting an online fundraiser, there are countless ways to connect with others digitally and help those in need. A fun and creative idea is to host an auction online of items you want to give away and send the proceeds to your charity of choice. Or in lieu of holiday gifts, you could ask for donations to your favorite charity.

Happy Giving and Happy Holidays!

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