How to Help a Struggling Coworker

As the world continues to shift and adapt with the times, productivity and priorities can become an increasingly difficult challenge for some people. If you noticed a coworker struggling with their deadlines and workload then check out these steps to help them get back on their feet.

Enter with Empathy

When you first notice a team member struggling, the best thing you can do is start by asking how they’re doing. Are they struggling with childcare or family care? Are they going through personal problems? Have they lost someone recently? How is their health? By considering these questions and starting a dialogue, you may be able to gain a deeper understanding as to why they aren’t able to complete their tasks and where they need the most help. While offering to help them with their work is incredibly generous, what can be even more helpful is just listening to them and being supportive.

Bridge the Gaps

Although your colleague may be struggling for personal reasons, another cause can be lack of motivation or passion about a particular project. A great way to help them break out of the funk and get back to work is to share your thoughts on why the project is important, why it’s success will help in other facets of the work, and how it can help improve the careers of everyone on the team. In doing so, you’ll be bridging the gap between the project and motivation, allowing your coworker to feel more energized, engaged, and excited about the assignment.

If All Else Fails

Sometimes a coworker’s struggles may be too large of a task for just you. While going to a supervisor may feel like you’re calling out a colleague, choosing which superior you go and discuss this with can have a major effect on how your coworker will bounce back. Look for someone in the company with compassion and understanding, perhaps someone that has been helpful to you in the past, and talk to them about the steps you’ve already taken and what else you can do to help.

It’s important to keep in mind that there could be a myriad of reasons why your coworker is struggling to complete their assignments. By following these steps you can lend them a helping hand, show them that you care, or lead them in the direction of someone more equipped to handle the situation.

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