How to Avoid Technical Glitches During Digital Meetings

We rely on technology more than ever throughout the workday and while tremendous advancements have been made over the years, technical glitches can still arise. Before important conference and video calls, it can be helpful to have specific plans in place to reduce issues and make sure your meeting goes off without a hitch. Check out these tips to learn more.

Test Equipment

Many technical glitches can be successfully avoided if you test the equipment prior to the meeting. Be sure to check all the technology you will be using, and ensure all necessary materials, such as cables, are available and that the power outlets are working. This can also be a good time to make sure you have good sound and camera quality by testing the microphones and cameras prior to the call.

Share Presentations in Advance

While a presentation may look great on your screen, it’s important to check how it appears on other computers and projectors. Prior to the call share the presentation with your team and make sure everyone is receiving the same quality presentation. This will allow you to work through any issues prior to the call rather than trying to problem solve during the meeting.

Have Help at the Ready

It’s important to have someone on standby to help with any technical difficulties should they arise in the meeting. In doing so, you can reduce the stress that may come if your screen goes black mid-call or you lose connection while presenting important materials. If you don’t have someone to help, it’s equally as helpful to do some research on possible problems that can arise and ensure you have a gameplan on how to fix them should you run into any issues.

Try these steps to help ensure seamless digital meetings in the future.

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