The Benefits of Doodling at Work

Doodling can be interpreted as a lack of attention or focus on the subject matter at hand, particularly at work. That being said, research has shown that doodling brings a host of benefits to professional work, particularly when it comes to your creativity, focus, and productivity. Check out these benefits to see if doodling could be your secret to success.

Improve Memory

Doodling can help you avoid falling into the “default state” which is when your brain has a tendency to zone out or daydream. Rather than tuning all outside stimuli out, doodling allows you to continue taking in the information being discussed, and better yet, remember it. This can be enhanced even further by doodling things that correspond to the content of the meeting, as your brain will be engaging with its motor and visual parts, creating a richer context and understanding of the concepts.

Boost Creativity

Beyond retaining information, doodling can also be a great tool to spark creativity, which in turn can help you develop problem-solving solutions. Additionally, doodling can help you expand upon or refine ideas in a productive, efficient manner. This will help you develop your ability to think visually and outside the box, making you more efficient and successful on the job.

Think Big Picture

When it comes to problem-solving, it can be easy to have tunnel vision and only focus on the issue at hand rather than taking a step back and seeing the big picture. Doodling may help you connect the main ideas and concepts of the task, allowing you to come up with innovative solutions you may not have considered.

Reduce Stress

Doodling can also be an effective form of stress management. In fact, science has shown that doodling can potentially calm the amygdala, the part of the brain that’s responsible for the “flight or fight” response which can cause stress. The next time you’re feeling stressed, try doodling some things that make you happy, like a pet or your favorite meal. Whatever it may be, taking a few minutes out of your day to doodle, be in the moment, and relax can help you to reduce stress and boost your mood.

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