How to Become a Pro at Problem-Solving

At work, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across various problems throughout the day that you need to solve. While every problem is different, there are some helpful practices that can make the process more efficient. Check out this strategy to use the next time you need to quickly solve a problem at work.

Define the Problem

It’s important to write down every detail of the assignment, task, meeting, or project where the problem occurred. This way, you’ll be able to review each step and see what went wrong, what went right, and how you can improve the process the second time around. Remember, sometimes problems occur that are outside your control. In those instances, it’s important to recognize the problems you can solve, and those you can’t.

Generate Solutions

Now that you’ve identified the problem and what went wrong, it’s time to brainstorm solutions. This can be done solo or with your colleagues, but it’s best to come up with a wide variety of potential solutions. Once that’s complete, review each one in detail and write down the pros and cons.

Make a Decision

The hardest part is decision time! Now that you’ve compiled a list of potential solutions, sit down and choose which one makes the most sense at that point. If you find it difficult to come to a conclusion on your own, don’t hesitate to include one or two colleagues to help talk through the ideas.

Analyze the Result

Once you’ve made the decision and any changes or edits have been made, review how it went. Be sure to consider your thought process, the results, and any areas of improvement. Remember, becoming a pro at problem-solving doesn’t happen overnight! Through time and experience, solutions will likely start to come to you more naturally.

Keep this strategy in mind to become a pro at problem-solving!

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