Celebrating the Start of Spring

It’s official! Spring is here, and with the warm weather months in full swing (or about to be), many organizations are looking to celebrate with their employees. Here are a few creative ways to ring in the start of the sunny season in the office.

Throw a Planting Party

Whether you’re working at home or from the office, hosting a planting party is a great way to encourage employees to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Simply provide employees with instructions and seeds for planting at home, near the office, or in a pot to put on their desk. Over the course of a few months, they’ll be able to bond over the growth (or lack thereof) of their plants and celebrate by sharing pictures of them in the company group chat. This can help to foster a social office culture and boost employee morale.

Host a Spring Cleaning Charity Giveaway

Hosting a charity giveaway is a great way for employees to get their Spring cleaning done while also giving back. A great idea is to encourage employees to clean out their homes and work areas, bringing any items they’d like to donate to a central meeting spot. Afterward, you can decide which charity could benefit the most from the items, taking employee ideas into consideration. Not only will employees be left with a clean home and office space, but they can leave the event proud of themselves and the organization for making a positive contribution.

Get Creative with a Paint Party

A great way to boost creativity and celebrate the start of Spring is with a paint party! Whether done virtually or in the breakroom, employees will have the opportunity to paint seasonal pieces such as flowers in a vase or a green landscape with the help of an instructor. Afterward, they can share their pieces with the rest of the team, helping to increase a culture of collaboration within the organization and employee happiness.

Happy Spring!

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