Strategies to Boost Workplace Confidence

Last month you told us how confident you felt in the workplace. The majority of you chose somewhat confident, while others chose not nearly as confident as you know you could be. No matter where you are on your confidence journey, here are some helpful strategies that can help you reach your full potential.

Have Fun

Confidence often comes from comfortability. While it’s important to always be professional at work, incorporating some fun into your day whether in the breakroom with a coworker or during your lunch break can help you relax, share ideas, and foster an enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace. Whether you’re shaking off a mistake and jumping into a new task or entering an important meeting, incorporating moments of fun throughout your day can leave you feeling renewed, determined, and confident in your abilities.

Ask Questions

Before you can feel confident beginning a project or task, it’s important that you have all the information you need to feel fully prepared. Make an effort to ask questions at the start of each assignment and write down all the answers in your notes. This will allow you to easily reference the information throughout the duration of the project and hopefully allow you to relax and feel more confident.

Dress Professionally

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, dressing professionally can not only make a good impression on others, but it can help to spark your confidence throughout the day. Make an effort to look your best, particularly before important meetings, so you can feel assured knowing that you’re giving off a professional, capable impression.

Be Patient

Just like with any skill, building your confidence won’t happen overnight. Instead, be patient with yourself, taking each success as a win and each failure as a learning lesson. As you believe in yourself more and more over time, you should become a more confident, capable version of yourself.

Try these confidence-boosting practices today!

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