How to Encourage Creativity at Work

When employees are inspired to be creative, they can become better problem-solvers, help grow the business, seek new opportunities for the organization, and improve sales. Thinking outside of the box is a tremendous tool to have in business, and when the atmosphere your employees work in stimulates creativity, your organization will prosper as a result. Here are some ways to fuel creativity in the workplace.

Create a Place For Brainstorming

It’s important to give employees a space where they can write and share their ideas freely. A great way to do this is to have a dry erase board and markers available in the breakroom, or sheets of paper with writing supplies on a table. From sales solutions to snack suggestions, giving employees the ability to write and share their thoughts can help encourage them to think outside of the box and allow them to be inspired by the ideas of their colleagues.

Encourage Anonymous Suggestions

Some employees may have a hard time sharing their creative thoughts and ideas with a group, particularly if it’s a large group of people. Encourage employees to share their ideas anonymously if they so choose by providing suggestion boxes throughout the office or creating anonymous online forums for them to share their ideas. This will allow those who are perhaps a bit more reserved to feel like they have a voice in the company and that their ideas are being heard.

Support Diverse Opinions

When hiring a new employee, remember that selecting people with differing backgrounds, educations, and roles can help the company think outside of the box and consider new solutions. When you hire the same type of person, it can produce a limited set of ideas. Instead, opt for more diverse opinions and employees so there isn’t one set of linear thinking occurring. This will help the company adapt and prosper for years to come without becoming stagnant.

Applaud Good Ideas

If an employee suggests an idea that has proven to be successful for the organization, let them know! Whether you hold a team call to discuss the idea and why it worked or praise them individually, it’s important for each member of the team to know that their suggestions are not only appreciated, they’re valued.

If you’re looking to foster creativity in the workplace, try these tips.

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