Giving Back Virtually

Giving back to your community is a great bonding experience, but with social distancing at the forefront of interactions this year, you can still make a difference virtually. Here are some great ways to give back.

Speak with Seniors

The past year has been an especially hard time for senior citizens who are living in assisted care facilities and haven’t been able to see friends or family in quite some time. A great way to give back is to schedule video conference calls where you and your team can sing to them, entertain them with funny stories, or break into small groups to chat with some of the seniors individually and get to know them. For employees who enjoy the experience, encourage them to get involved in a pen-pal relationship where they can communicate regularly.

Adopt a Family

There are many organizations that allow you to adopt a family in need and help them with groceries, gifts, school supplies, office supplies and anything else they may need. Whether you adopt many families or just one, taking the time to ensure they have everything they need to be comfortable is a powerful way of impacting their lives and helping them get back on their feet.

Give Back to Furry Friends

Although many dogs and cats have been adopted throughout the pandemic, there are still many living at shelters in search of their forever homes. Consider creating a donation box for employees to drop off items the animals may need, including blankets, food, cleaning supplies, treats, and toys.

Show You Care

Set aside an hour each month to write letters and create cards for people you know have been struggling throughout the pandemic. Whether you design cards for children in need during special holidays, write letters of encouragement to frontline healthcare workers, or offer to tutor young children virtually, you can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life just by showing them you care.

Try these tips today and start giving back virtually.

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