How to Remain Productive During Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become the new normal for many people, but ensuring that the meeting remains productive can be a challenge. Follow these tips to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of your virtual calls and achieving maximum productivity.

Plan Ahead

Make sure that before the meeting starts you’ve gathered all the supplies you need, allocated some time for technical difficulties, and have reviewed the topics that need to be discussed. By having a set plan for the meeting you will reduce the risk of getting off topic and running out of time.

Prioritize the Task at Hand

It can be easy to multi-task a bunch of different projects while on a virtual conference call, but it’s important to keep focused on the main task at hand. By staying on topic, you’ll spend your time more efficiently throughout the meeting, shorten its duration, and allow everyone to get started on their assignments sooner.

Limit the People In the Meeting

It can be tempting to want to include everyone in a meeting, but it’s important to only have the people there who are directly working on what is being discussed. This will allow others who may not need to be present to spend their time working on other assignments, and help your whole team remain productive.

Switch Locations

While many of us have our meetings in our workspaces, it can be helpful to change the scenery and take the meeting outside or in a different place than you usually do. This will help you to remain engaged, energized, and focused throughout the meeting which should in turn improve your productivity.

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