Innovative Ways to Give Back

In today’s world giving back has never been more important. Here are some innovative ideas on how your organization can make a difference in your community.

Host an Auction

Hosting an auction is a great way to give back, even if it’s a virtual event. From teaming up with local artists or auctioning off some of your organization’s products there are many creative ways to fundraise for your cause of choice.

Try “Giving” Incentives

Consider including “giving” incentives as part of your employee reward program. Each time an employee gets an award, commit to donating a certain amount of money to the charity of their choosing. Not only will this help to motivate your employees, but it will also show that you care about their passions outside of the office.

Donate Your Office Space for Charity Events

While this will likely be more feasible post COVID-19, offering up your workspace for charity events is a great way to give back and make a meaningful difference. The charity will be able to save money on booking a venue and more money will go towards the charity’s goal.

Give the Gift of Giving

On holidays, employee birthdays, or special events, offering the gift of giving to your employees, much like giving incentives, can be a valuable and nice way to show employees you care. Donate a set amount to the charity of their choosing, or donate to one charity selected by the whole company on behalf of each employee during the holiday season. Not only will this set the tone of giving back within the entire company, but you’ll be giving back to various charities and important causes.

Follow these tips and make a difference for your community while strengthening your organizations’ charitable endeavors.

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