Is the Key to Success Being Lazy?

When it comes to ideal qualities in a leader, people may think of integrity, confidence, and determination. But rarely is laziness mentioned as a virtue. However, when those in a leadership position take a more hands-off approach they can give others the chance to realize what they’re capable of. While of course, actual laziness does not equate to success, when leaders stand back and let their employees shine, great things can happen.

Slow Down

When confronted with a problem-solving task at work, it’s important to slow down and give those around you the opportunity and responsibility to solve it. This may allow them to feel pride in their accomplishments, learn from their mistakes, and show them that you believe in their abilities.

Avoid Giving Too Much Advice

As a leader, it’s natural to want to help employees reach their full potential. That being said, overloading them with advice can sometimes create more problems than it solves. While offering some simple tips can be tremendously helpful, taking a step back and allowing them to think creatively and independently can actually make employees more self-sufficient and effective long-term.

Know When to Get Involved

Letting your employees shine can be a sign of a great leader, however, if taking a step back has left your employees scrambling for solutions with few results, it may be time to step in. Consider checking in with your team and being a soundboard for their ideas. Remember, sometimes the best way to help your team find a solution is simply just to listen.

When leaders take a step back and give their employees a chance to work independently, it allows them to flourish and grow professionally. The next time you’re contemplating doing something yourself or passing it off, remember that taking the “lazy approach” may help those around you succeed.

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