Improve Employee Wellness with Walking Challenges

If your organization has been looking to improve employee health and wellness, then check out the advantages of walking challenges. Walking challenges have become a great option for companies looking to boost the creativity, wellness, and productivity of their employees. Here are some fun and creative ways to make the walking challenges an enjoyable experience for all.

Have a Destination

While walking around the block is great, it can be more exciting to have a destination in mind during your walking challenges. Consider planning a team lunch at a nearby restaurant and walking there rather than driving. During the walk, employees will have the chance to connect with colleagues they may not work with on a daily basis, which in turn can improve collaboration and team bonding.

Give Out Awards

While walking is great for bonding with your colleagues, it can also be an enjoyable solo experience. Motivate your employees to walk more by offering rewards for the person who gets the most steps in a month. This will help show employees that the company values their health and wants the best for them, which can help boost employee happiness and improve retention.

Use It as a Brainstorming Session

Most likely, you’ll encounter moments at work where you’re required to problem solve. The next time you and your team find yourselves seeking a solution, consider going outside to brainstorm and take a walk. By getting out of your typical space and enjoying the sunshine, you may be able to draw inspiration from the nature around you and think of ideas you may not have otherwise.

Make It Into a Game

Add some fun to your company walk by making it into a scavenger hunt! Set up some destination spots for teams to stop and take a picture or collect items, and celebrate the team that makes it back to the office first with a pizza party. This is a great way to incorporate more fun into the workday, boost employee health and wellness, spark creativity, and improve collaboration.

Try these walking challenges today!

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