Upgrade Your Breakroom

A breakroom is a place for employees to relax, snack, grab a cup of coffee, and take short breaks throughout the workday. However, it’s important to remember to maintain and improve the breakroom on a regular basis in order to ensure employees are getting the most out of the space. Here are some ideas on ways to improve your company’s breakroom.

Add Digital Displays

A great way to communicate company-wide messages, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and post important reminders is to invest in some digital displays for your breakroom. This will allow employees to catch up on what’s going on in the organization whenever they walk into the room and will help employees feel special and celebrated during important events.

Particularly as people return to the office after COVID-19, digital displays can be a great tool for displaying important safety precautions.

Add Charging Stations

While most employees will typically work in their designated areas, it can be a nice option to have charging stations available in the breakroom in case employees want to catch up on some emails or charge their phone. This will give employees more flexibility and independence in the office, in turn boosting their overall job satisfaction.

Offer Healthy Food and Drinks

While your organization most likely already offers a variety of snacks, it’s important to switch it up once in a while so your snack and drink selection doesn’t become boring. Consider asking employees to fill out a survey of what types of snacks and drinks they’d like to see in the breakroom. Once you have a better understanding of what is potentially missing, you can invest in some healthy options. Healthier snacks can even help boost focus and productivity.

Visit us online or in person today to stock up on these items and make your breakroom a sanctuary for your employees.

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