Helpful Tips for Remembering Names

As a working professional, it’s likely that you’re meeting new people on a regular basis whether in person or virtually. While making connections is a fantastic way to network, remembering the names of those you meet is important. Here are some tips to help you remember names.

Say Their Name Back to Them

After someone introduces themselves to you, repeat their name back to them. For example, if you just met a man named Michael you can say, “It’s nice to meet you, Michael!” This will allow the person to feel heard and excited to meet you as well. While simple, this trick will help you remember their name moving forward, particularly if you mention it a few times throughout the entirety of the conversation.

For those with names that are hard to pronounce, this can be an especially great tool. If you’re unsure about pronunciation, ask right away and be sure to say it correctly throughout the conversation. This will show them that you respect them and care about the discussion.

Make Associations

When meeting someone new, try to associate their name with something that means something to you. For example when meeting “Michael,” try to associate the name with something or someone in your life. Perhaps you have a brother-in-law named Michael or your favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. Whatever the association, thinking of their names in connection with something else will help train your brain to remember it.

If You Forget, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

While these tips are certainly helpful when it comes to remembering names, you may from time to time still forget. But don’t worry! In the business world this happens often, so own up to it right away and ask for their name again. This will allow you to relearn the name and will help you avoid an awkward encounter down the line.

Try these tips today and become a pro at remembering names!

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