Leave Stress Behind

It’s no secret that stress levels are at an all time-high, particularly for those with high-demanding jobs. With chaotic work weeks, project deadlines and families and lives to maintain outside of the office, it has never been more important to find the right balance between professional and home life. We have gathered three of the best tips to help you unwind and leave the stress behind.

  1. Listen to Something

With so much to get done it’s common that many chores become mindless activities, with our body going through the motions, but our brain wandering elsewhere. Oftentimes, the stressors of the day come to the forefront of our minds as we begin to make mental lists of all we have to get done. Challenge those anxious thoughts by listening to something to distract you. This can be anything from an audio book or music to podcasts – anything that will challenge your mind to think of something new will do the trick.

  2. Schedule Some Solo Time

Particularly for those who have children, finding some alone time once you return home from the hustle and bustle of the work day can be a challenge. One way to schedule that much beloved alone time is to give your kids a project or task that they must complete in 30 minutes. The key to its success is that they must solely focus on completing the task for the entire duration. Of course this is easier said than done – but if you are successful, you will train your child to be more productive and learn to focus all while you enjoy 30 minutes of you-time.

  3. Don’t Bring Work Home With You

This is probably the hardest of the three for people to grasp. The truth is that work should happen when you’re at work, but many of us find ourselves bringing our work on the go. If you have seen this become a pattern in your own life, here are some possibilities as to why:

  • You’re not being as productive and selective with your time as you should be.
  • You have too much work being given to you without consideration for the hours of your work day.

All of this is of course easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that work is work, but life is life! Embracing just a few minutes each day to nurture a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle can have remarkable effects on not only your overall happiness but also your productivity at work.

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