New Spins on Classic Productivity Hacks

When it comes to productivity, there is no shortage of tips to get you working efficiently. Depending on the person, certain ideas may work while others may fall short. The good news is that there are a plethora of options available. Here are some of the lesser known ways to boost productivity.

Find Your Golden Hours

While some people may benefit from doing their most important tasks first thing in the morning, others may find themselves more energized and productive later in the day. The key is to find the right time for you, whether that’s after lunch, before you leave work, or after your mid-morning coffee.

Start Small

Procrastination oftentimes has a lot to do with prioritization. Many people find that prioritizing their most important task first helps them get started and get it out of the way, but for others, this prioritization can leave them struggling to get started in the first place. The alternative is easing yourself into your tasks, starting with the most basic and simple first and working your way towards larger assignments.

Take Breaks

Some people find that taking small breaks of five minutes or less while completing a task can help them stay on track and stay motivated, however others may benefit from completing the task in its entirety and then taking a longer break at the end. By adjusting your plan to fit with your focus, you end up optimizing your moments of high energy and completing more work.

Make a “Done” List

We all know the benefits of the classic “To Do” list, but have you ever considered creating a list for all the tasks you’ve completed? Studies have shown that seeing all the assignments you’ve completed will help you see how much you’ve progressed and will in turn help you feel more accomplished and productive.

Try these tips and to see if you can master the art of productivity.

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