Creating Strong Relationships in the Office

Office culture is unique to each company, with some being more rigid and others being more laid back. Regardless of the style of office culture your organization follows, building meaningful relationships with your colleagues is integral to team building and employee happiness. Here are steps we suggest to create strong relationships in your office culture.

Keep It Judgement Free

Employees deserve to feel that the workplace is a safe environment, so allowing the office to be a judgement-free space will help employees open up, trust each other, and develop healthy relationships. This should help employees reach out to one another when they need help, and will consequently lead to a more successful and unified organization.

Be Vulnerable

It can be easy for employees not to share what’s going on in their lives, but without being vulnerable, relationships in the office may remain superficial. Encourage your colleagues to rely on each other, ask for advice, and share what’s going on in their personal lives. This will allow employees to not only ask for help when they are going through something personally but to offer help to others when they are in a similar position.

Be Reliable

When it comes to employee relationships, reliability is everything, particularly when working on a project with one or more of your colleagues. It’s integral to be respectful of their time and to do your share of the work. In doing so, you’ll not only be strengthening your friendship with your coworker, but will also improve your business relationship with them, ultimately leading to a more successful office culture.

When employees have built strong connections with one another they become more engaged, productive, positive, and will hopefully work harder towards company goals. By creating an office culture built around friendship and trust, employees should stay happy and engaged and the overall success of the company improves.

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