Personal Assistants & Business: Can They Work Together?

You might have seen how personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa help people every day in the home. However, do they have a place in the office? The answer is yes, because they are able to help make things easier. Here are just some of the ways these devices can be used in a professional setting.

Quick Searches

How many browser tabs do you usually have open at once? If your answer is more than five, it might be quicker for you to do a search with a personal assistant. All you will need to do is simply say “search” and then enter the information you want to search. This can be a great time-saver for those who are constantly searching Google or Bing for their answer.

Better Business Travel

With commands that can book airline tickets or check security wait times at airports, a personal assistant can make booking business travel, or keeping tabs on where your coworkers are, easier. You can also ask Alexa to track flights from many major carriers to see if your coworkers are expected to land on time.

Faster Reports & Spreadsheets

Simply ask your personal assistant device to take revenue from last year and compile it into a report, and it will be done. Sure, someone may have to double-check to ensure that the reports are accurate, but it will be finished a lot quicker. This will allow your employees to focus more on their current tasks rather than reporting.

Keep the Office Organized

Personal assistant devices can allow you to easily set reminders or add items to your to-do list. Most of them can also connect with other apps that you might already use to add dates to your calendar or keep track of tasks. Before you buy one, you should check and see if there are commands that can integrate with your calendar or your task program.

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Personal Assistants & Business: Can They Work Together? 1

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