Protecting Your Business from Scammers

When you own or work for a business, you spend a lot of time and effort ensuring the organization is running smoothly. But what do you do when scammers attack your organization? The best form of protection is to learn the signs of scams that target businesses and to train your employees and colleagues on how to identify and avoid them.

Signs of Scammers

  • Scammers will oftentimes pretend to be someone you know, like a company or a government organization. Be sure to double-check any inquiries or messages you may receive to be sure they are coming from a legitimate organization.
  • Scammers will often create a sense of false urgency in order for you to make a quick decision. They may use intimidation and fear as a tactic to get you to sign up for something without having a chance to look into any of their claims. Be patient and take the time to do research before investing your money or sharing any private information.
  • Scammers will oftentimes use untraceable payment methods like wire transfers, gift cards, and more.

Protect Your Business From Scammers

  • The best way to avoid scammers is to train your employees and colleagues on ways to spot them. Share the signs of scammers with them and encourage them to do additional research into any local scams in your area/region that you want them to be aware of.
  • Encourage your employees to talk to their coworkers if they’ve spotted a scam. Scammers will oftentimes target multiple people within an organization, so by sharing the knowledge you can help some of your colleagues avoid falling for any schemes.
  • Train employees never to share personal passwords or information via email and stay up to date with the latest cybersecurity measures.

It’s important to stay vigilant in order to protect your organization from scammers. Be sure to share this information with your colleagues and employees and to stay up to date with the latest preventive measures according to the Federal Trade Commission. A great way to make sure your business is being protected is to conduct a monthly or quarterly meeting where you discuss scams that are prevalent and how to avoid them.

Keep these tips in mind and protect your business from scammers.

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