Boost Your Happiness at Work

You spend over 40 hours a week working, whether that’s at home or in the office, so why not enjoy that time more? If you’re looking for some simple ways to boost your happiness while at work, then check out these happiness-boosting practices.

Make a Grateful List

If you find yourself making a “to-do” list at the start of each day, consider adding in a list of five things you’re grateful for at the bottom. This will allow your brain to reflect on the positive aspects of your job at the start of each day, setting the tone for your mood and how you’ll approach more challenging tasks.

Take Active Breaks

It’s important to give your brain a chance to relax in between tasks. Consider taking an active break where you go for a walk, check in with a coworker, or grab some coffee, tea or snacks. This can allow you to physically walk away from your space, focus on something other than work, and return a few minutes later with a renewed sense of energy.

Don’t Ignore Lighting

When it comes to your workspace, a well-lit space can leave you feeling productive and refreshed while a poorly-lit space can leave you feeling stressed and tired. If you find yourself struggling with your current workspace lighting, consider bringing in some lamps or additional lighting to make the space feel bright.

Use Your Vacation Time

Studies have found that your productivity and happiness can increase after taking a vacation, yet many people don’t actually take advantage of their time off. Whether you plan a road trip, an exotic vacation, or a relaxing staycation, taking some time for yourself can allow you to return to work a more productive, happy, and excited member of the organization.

Boost your workplace happiness with these tips!

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