Creative Ways to Show Coworkers You Care

The holiday season may have come to an end, but the spirit of the season can last all year long. Here are some helpful ways to show your coworkers you care and how that can positively impact the office culture of your organization.

Actively Listen

One of the most important parts of showing care for your colleagues is to be genuine and actually listen when talking with them. Rather than nodding your head throughout the conversation and listening to respond, listen attentively to what your team member is saying and instead listen to understand. In doing so, you’ll be showing them that you’re truly invested in the conversation and their well-being.

Small Gestures Go a Long Way

A great way to show you care is not to give elaborate gifts, but instead through small gestures throughout the year. From doing a coffee run and bringing in some fresh pastries in the morning, to remembering a colleague’s birthday and getting everyone on the team to sign a card for them, conducting small acts of kindness can help to create a ripple effect of generosity and happiness throughout the entire company.

Go the Extra Mile

Showing your colleagues you care is about more than simply being kind, it’s also about showing an appreciation for their hard work. Rather than simply completing work assignments, ask yourself if you can go above what was asked of you and put in some extra effort. In doing so, you’ll be alleviating some of the pressure from another member of your team, showing your colleagues that you’re dedicated, and helping to create a culture that believes in the power of hard work.

Show your coworkers you care by adopting some of these helpful tips into your daily routine!

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