Sailing Charter Around the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands has become an increasingly popular spot for visitors, especially those interested in doing a sailing charter. Here are some great spots to visit and some tips to keep in mind while you’re there.


Virgin Gorda is a beautiful first stop, especially if you get a chance to check out The Baths. They formed millions of years ago as molten rock went through the floor of the Carribean Sea. Afterwards, check out Savannah Bay. It’s a great place to anchor for a few nights, especially if you’re interested in rock climbing and swimming in the crystal clear ocean.


If you’re looking to snorkel on your charter, Anegada is the place for you. A beautiful destination with secluded beaches. Stay for at least two nights and visit all of the snorkeling destinations – you’ll see far more than just fish beneath the surface. Another great snorkeling experience is The Indians. Check out both spots for an adventure of a lifetime.

A more relaxed location is Sandy Spit, a tiny island that oozes serenity. Get away from the daily

hustle and  fall in love with the beautiful blue water and peace and quiet. Check out the Bubbly Pool for a hiking expenditure and Foxy’s for some good drinks.


Another spot for adventurers is Cooper Island, the immensely popular destination for anyone who loves sea turtles and dolphins. Even though you’ll have to get there early to beat the lines, it’ll be well worth it.


Now that you know where to go, here are some tips to ensure that your charter goes seamlessly.


  • You’ll have to pay a customs fee for both entering and leaving the BVI. The estimate of cost is usually around $20 per person.
  • If you’re flying out of the St. Thomas airport on your return trip home, be sure to get there very early. A popular destination means the inescapable long lines.
  • On sailboats, there is not much storage space. Use soft sided luggage such as duffel bags so it’s easier to stuff into a smaller cabinet or closet.
  • If you’re hoping to get internet throughout your journey, your best bet would be to use a hotspot on your phone and sign up for an International Daily Pass.
  • Go through your whole checklist before you set sail – you want to be sure that everything from the boat’s mechanics to the fridge is stocked, running and ready to go.


To learn more about sailing charters in the BVI, click here.

Happy Travels!


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