Celebrating the Holidays at Work

Traditions are a central part of the family, but what people often don’t realize is that they are equally as important in companies. When holidays are celebrated at work, it is directly linked to a boost in positive employee morale which results in higher rates of employee motivation.


While you should avoid celebrating specific religious holidays, creating more general holiday celebrations are a great way to honor the diversity in your organization. Here are some ideas on how to successfully organize events at work:


Create a Party Planning Committee

Allow employees to get involved in the planning by designating a group for party planning in which people from various departments can join and contribute their thoughts on the event. If you can have someone from each department to convey the wishes of people across the entire company, you will be sure to have an event that everyone can enjoy.


Traditions Are Great, But So Are New Ideas

Make sure to let the holiday traditions evolve along with the company and team members. It’s important to include recent additions to the organization as well as longterm members to get an accurate sense of what the company should do to celebrate the season of joy.


Host a Food Drive

Hosting a food drive or other fundraisers throughout the company is a great way to get your employees to give back while also boosting morale. Keep a record of how much food and money was donated last year and challenge everyone in the company to work together to beat that number the next holiday season. In addition, create a way for employees to share the organizations or charities close to their hearts. Prior to the holiday season, you can send a company survey to decide which charity (or charities) will be your main focus this year.


Spread the Responsibility

When celebrating, it’s important that each person feels like they have contributed to the event in some way. Whether people are volunteering with food, decorations, surveys or music, including each person in the celebrations will remind all employees how important they are to the company.


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