Wellness Trends for 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, many people will find themselves setting goals and resolutions for the new year. Health and wellness will likely be at the forefront, with countless people using 2020 as the catalyst for taking better care of their bodies and minds. From personal trainers in mirrors to getting enough sleep, here is a list of the 6 health and wellness trends that will take over the new year.


Working Out (from home)

In the past five years alone, the latest at home fitness systems have been all the rage for athletes and beginners alike. Peloton’s stationary bike opened the door for many new and innovative workout systems to expand the market beyond smart exercise bikes. Now you can purchase smart rowing machines, weight lifting systems, treadmills and more. That being said, one of the most exciting innovations for 2020 has to be Mirror, a full-length fitness mirror that acts like a personal trainer when in use. Choose from a variety of classes, workout with the encouragement of a personal trainer, and then shut it off and it returns to being a regular mirror. Home fitness is all about convenience, and in 2020 that is predicted to be worth every penny.


Impossible Foods

Although 2019 has seen the burgeoning trend of plant-based meats, 2020 will likely be the year it takes over the food industry. You can expect a multitude of new products and brands to enter the market this coming year. From lab-grown algae made to create salmon and shrimp, to fast food restaurants like Burger King and their Impossible Whoppers, practically every food establishment is working on finding their own meat alternatives.


Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep

Did you know sleep deprivation is considered a public health epidemic by the CDC? Not only can it wreak havoc on your physical appearance but it takes a toll on your mental health as well. Sleep is likely to be addressed more this coming year than ever before. From mood-boosting light bulbs to help you wake up naturally with energy, to blue light blocking glasses that help reduce eye strain for a more restful nights’ sleep, and wearable tech to track your sleep patterns, it will be easier than ever to feel good about prioritizing those zzz’s.


Recovery Phase

While so many people put pressure on the actual workout portion of their health and wellness, 2020 will be the year to shift this perspective towards the post-workout recovery phase too. Expect to see many studios and athletic trainers dedicated to more restorative services focusing on what you eat, how you sleep, your stress levels, better stretching and best of all: healing.


Telehealth Services

In 2020, you should expect to see more healthcare professionals offering services over the phone and video conference. In under 10 minutes, patients will be able to consult with a physician and receive a prescription. This is particularly transformative for those living in rural communities or struggling with mobility issues. Telehealth provides a convenient option for those who can’t make it to a physical office.


Mindful Snacking

Long gone are the days of mindless snacking; enter: mindful snacking! Expect to see more snacks in the produce and dairy department of your local grocery store as 2020 becomes the year of fresh and convenient food. Think: refrigerated protein bars, dairy alternative smoothies, and preservative-free snacks.


Follow these trends and make 2020 your healthiest year yet!


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