Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Workplace stress is oftentimes an inevitable part of the job, but when you feel more stressed than productive, it may be time for something to change. Here are some helpful ways to stress less and achieve more.

Find Quiet Time During the Day

A great way to reduce stress is to carve out time throughout the day to find a quiet space to take a snack or coffee break, a quick power nap if possible, meditate, or just relax. An ideal timeframe to stick with is between 5 to 15 minutes. This will give you a chance to reset before going back to work more energized.

Make Your Space More Comfortable

While it’s important not to bring too many personal items into your workspace, it can be helpful to bring a few items that bring you comfort, such as a soft blanket, a photo of a pet, or anything else that will bring you a sense of peace. By adding a touch of personalization to your workspace you’ll likely begin to feel more comfortable, relaxed and consequently less stressed.

Prioritize Workplace Wellness

If your company doesn’t already offer a wellness program to employees, it could be helpful to ask your supervisors if one could be offered. When companies emphasize the importance of wellness, it can give employees the freedom to take breaks and enjoy their time at work more. Whether it’s a virtual meditation course or sharing healthy recipes with coworkers, workplace wellness can help bring employees together and reduce stress so they can produce their best work.

If building a wellness program at work is not an option, consider implementing your own activities throughout the day. Whether you spend a few minutes mindfully breathing, going for a walk on your lunch break, or prioritizing a morning workout, taking the time to care for yourself is key to setting yourself up for success.

Be Social

Socializing with your coworkers is a great resource if you’re looking to feel less stressed at work. The more time you spend with your colleagues, the more comfortable you can feel which in turn promotes a more positive atmosphere in the workplace and helps create a healthy balance between working hard and having fun. Just remember that while forming meaningful relationships with your colleagues is important to reducing stress, socializing too much in the workplace rather than working on your assignments can lead to higher stress levels.

Try these tips to reduce stress and improve the quality of your work.

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