Starting an Office Garden

Looking for a way to go green (or potentially always have something for lunch)? Some businesses are taking advantage of outdoor spaces or ones with ample sunlight to create an office garden. According to a study from Reuters, offices with green space tend to have happier employees and improved concentration. The types of plants or vegetables you can grow depend on where you are based, but here are a few starting points for creating your own escape from fluorescent lights.

Gauge Employee Interest

See if all of your departments would be willing to participate in the tending of the garden. You can also ask your local chamber of commerce or send a message on Facebook to see if there are any volunteers that can help you tend the garden.

Find The Right Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a courtyard, then make that your spot. If you are in a stand-alone building, you could easily use the grass in front of your business to create a garden space. If you are in a city, ask if your landlord will permit you to create a rooftop garden. Whether you are in a stand-alone building or in a city, you have various options for creating your own garden.

Should you not have space for one outdoors, you can create one indoors in areas where you receive a good amount of sunlight and do not have drafty temperatures. Also, stay away from areas with fans and air vents, as they could damage plants.

Know Before You Grow

If you plan on creating an outdoor garden, know what your plant hardiness zone is before you grow. It may differ from where you live. Figure out what types of flowers or what types of fruits and veggies your employees would be interested in. Also, ensure that your garden would not violate any zoning restrictions.

Get Social

If your garden is large enough, consider offering it as a spot for coworkers to socialize on their lunch break or make it a meeting spot. Consider finding benches that you can place in or near your garden. Your garden can also serve as a peaceful spot to hold meetings or accept a phone call.

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