Summer Fun While Working

The warmer months are officially upon us, and while some of us may be working from home that doesn’t mean summer fun has to be delayed! Follow these tips to bring a bit of sunshine and fun to your daily routine.

Put a Basket of Fruit Near Your Desk

A simple and creative way to get yourself into the summer spirit is to put some fresh and sweet smelling fruit near your workspace. Nothing says warm summer days more than the alluring scent of peaches and nectarines!

Hang Photos from Past Trips

While we may not be able or ready to travel yet, you can always remember the great trips you’ve taken in the past! Hang photos from some of your favorite adventures and reminisce on the good times. Not only will it remind you of great memories, but it will serve as a reminder that great trips will happen again in the future.

Prepare Picnic Style Foods for Lunch

It can feel a bit repetitive staying in the same routine day in and day out. Switch it up by preparing a delicious picnic style lunch. Whether you eat it in your backyard, on the floor in your living room, or in the office cafeteria, it can be nice to try something new.

Cool Down with Ice Cream

Go for a walk to get some exercise throughout the day and to soak in some vitamin D. Once you get back, treat yourself to some ice cream or frozen yogurt rather than your typical afternoon coffee or snack.

Listen to Some Seasonal Music

Seasonal music is not just reserved for the winter holidays! A great way to pass some time and get yourself in the summer season is to create a fun playlist of songs you’d typically listen to at the beach or by the pool. They’ll instantly perk you up and will undoubtedly come in handy the next time you’re able to go out and celebrate the summer months like usual.

Try these tips and get creative with your own ideas on how you can bring summer to your work space!

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