The Gift of Ergonomics

Ergonomics in the workplace is the gift that keeps on giving. From increasing employee productivity, to reducing the risk of workplace accidents, ergonomic accessories are oftentimes viewed as a key component of a successful, comfortable workplace. Here are some of the benefits that ergonomics can bring to your office space:

Increase Productivity

Let’s face it, when we feel uncomfortable, it can be hard to get work done and accomplish all of our goals for the day. Products like the Kensington Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest can help you to work comfortably at your desk and on your computer for extended periods of time. Other items such as ergonomic desk chairs with a headrest and sit/stand desks can be helpful ways to increase your comfort and mobility in the workplace, in turn boosting your productivity.

The Gift of Ergonomics 1

Increase Morale, Reduce Turnover

Companies that show their employees they care about their health are likely to see an increase in morale and retention and a decrease in employee turnover. By providing employees with ergonomic furniture and accessories, you’re showing them that the company values their comfort and well-being and understands that in order to work your best, you need to feel your best.

Prevent Workplace Injuries

By providing employees with an ergonomic workplace, it’s likely you’ll see a drop in work-related injuries and illnesses. This is because ergonomic furniture is designed for the way people move around, offering a full range of motion to complete tasks. Not only will this help to preserve the health and safety of employees at the office, but it can also save your company from spending money on workers’ compensation.

Upgrade your office space today with products like the Kensington Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest and other ergonomic furniture.

Check out this video to discover the ergonomic power of ACCO Brands Kensington Wrist Rest, designed to promote productivity and wellness in the workplace.

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Workplace Productivity

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