The Power of Mindful Journaling

Mindful journaling can help with everything from decision-making and improving work-life balance to increasing your overall gratitude and job satisfaction. Here are some helpful tips to doing mindful journaling like a pro.

Mindful journaling requires four components: why, how, when, and the ability to let go of perfection.

Your “Why”

Before you begin mindful journaling, you need to decide your intention. Are you journaling to beat procrastination? To help you make a big decision? To brainstorm? Whatever your reason, it’s important to solidify your “why” early on so you can get the most out of the experience.

Your “How”

Everyone is different, which means how you choose to practice mindful journaling is entirely up to you! Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to practice gratitude or brainstorm over a cup of coffee. On the flipside, maybe you’re the kind of person who gets bursts of energy or inspiration periodically throughout the day, in which case carrying a pen and some paper around can be a way to ensure you get all of your thoughts down.

Your “When”

When you choose to journal will likely be affected by how you choose to journal. While many people may view mindful journaling as a lengthy process, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re someone who naturally wakes up early in the morning, carve out five to ten minutes to journal before you get your day started. For night owls, you can do the same before bed. Remember that your “when” can change upon circumstances, so never limit yourself to when you can spend some time mindful journaling.

Let Go of Perfection

It can be easy to feel like you need to plan what you’re writing in advance, but the reality is, mindful journaling is a great way to let go of the idea of “perfection” and to just get your thoughts on the page. Don’t worry if it’s linear or makes sense, just write whatever comes to your mind. When you’re done, you can review what you wrote and pull ideas, inspiration, and more from certain parts. This may even leave you with a renewed sense of determination, gratitude, and focus.

Mindful journaling can be a great way of realizing your dreams, and Pentel can help you get there. Check out this video to learn more.

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