Use Social Media to Build Relationships

The importance of building strong relationships with your customers can’t be understated. By engaging with customers you can create a strong public image that will make your business more attractive to new clients. Social media is perhaps the best tool you can use to engage with your customers and solve their problems. Use these tips to create healthy relationships so you can improve customer engagement and foster brand loyalty.

Respond to Questions ASAP

Many customers will use your social media platforms to contact you about a problem they have. Perhaps they cannot find an item on your website, or maybe a discount code isn’t working properly. These people are looking to you for help, so when issues come up you need to respond to them as soon as you can.

The typical customer expects to get help in about an hour. It might take longer to fix the problem, but if you respond quickly you can assure your customers that solutions are being worked on. If you ignore these requests or take too long to respond, customers may assume that their issues won’t get resolved, even if you plan to fix them. This won’t look good for your brand.

By helping customers with their problems as soon as possible you are showing that you care about them, and this improves their perception of your company.

Be Human

A common pitfall people fall into with social media management is making posts that come off as robotic. Since you can talk to customers directly on social media, you can drop your serious side and show off more of your unique personality. You are running a business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun.

Conduct a playful attitude with your responses and try telling a few jokes with your posts. Give a look behind the scenes and show your clients how you go about running your business. If you’re up for it, try using emoticons to show off a bit of your sillier side.

Remind your customers that there is another human managing the account and they can have fun connecting with your business.

Be Receptive to Feedback, Good & Bad

Not all of the comments you receive on social media are going to be nice. Some people will use these channels to praise you and others will use it to critique you. It’s important to be receptive to feedback online, because some of the people commenting could be discussing legitimate issues that you need to correct.

It’s understandable that you’d want to ignore certain negative comments, (some are harsh and don’t offer useful feedback) but lots of people who do offer criticism just want you to do better. Discuss these problems with your customers, and ask how you can make improvements. Not only will this help you improve in certain areas, but your customers will respect you for listening to them.

Offer Discounts to Followers

Another smart way to build connections with your followers is to post exclusive offers on your social media channels. By offering discount codes and other items to your followers, you are rewarding them for being interested in your brand. This makes them feel special, and they will want to stay loyal to your brand.

Not only that, but offering deals through your social media channels can entice new customers to start following you, allowing you to connect with more people. You don’t just have to give discounts either; running something like a contest or a giveaway can also help you engage with your followers. Try different things and see what works.


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