Wellness While You Work

Whether your employees are remote or in the office, incorporating wellness programs whether virtual or in person is key for keeping yourself and your colleagues engaged, healthy, and motivated. Here are some ideas for ways to implement health and wellness into your own organization.

Start a Health Hub

A great way to inspire employees and help them build connections with one another is to start a health hub. A health hub is essentially an online library filled with different workout recommendations from colleagues, healthy, new recipes to try, subscriptions for meal plans and gym memberships; the possibilities are endless. Not only can your employees learn about the latest trends in health and wellness, but they’ll develop stronger relationships with one another, which in turn can improve the overall performance of the company. This can be especially helpful for remote workers who want to connect with others virtually.

Host Lunch & Learns

Lunch and Learns are training sessions or presentations offered to employees during their lunch hour. This can be a great way to take a break from the day, relax, and bond with your coworkers while learning something new. Whether you’re joining virtually or gathering in the breakroom, Lunch and Learns can be a great way to encourage your colleagues to share their own health and wellness insights. For example, if your coworker is an avid runner, you could recommend they host a Lunch and Learn that discusses how to start training for a marathon.

Create Your Own Fitness Classes or Challenges

A fun way to get active during the day is to offer a fitness class hosted by an employee once a week. Whether it’s a freestyle dance class, a meditation course, or just a walk around the block, employees both remote and in person can join. Not only can this help your team stay energized and healthy, but it will give each employee a chance to build their leadership skills.

You can also create fitness challenges within the organization. From challenging everyone to run a mile to encouraging them to drink the daily recommended amount of water, adding the element of friendly competition can be a great and healthy way to engage with employees.

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