What Your Favorite Instrument Says About Your Work

By now, you probably know about the benefits of playing an instrument. While there are some things that are similar among various instruments, like reading music and staying within a time signature, some of the motions are different. So whether you strike down the keys, or pluck a string, here are a few office personalities that can be linked to musical instruments.


You are great at creative tasks, and your eye for detail really shines in your work. You might be soft spoken, but are diligent about your work.


Your leadership skills and calm demeanor make you a great person to have in a managerial role. You tend to be very organized and are diligent about deadlines.


You’ve got incredible energy that you bring to your work. Chances are, you are a great seller who strives towards breaking sales goals by a mile.


You like working with clearly defined goals and directions. As you get to know people, you can warm up to them quickly.


You love having conversations with coworkers and are good at facilitating meetings. You might be your company’s spokesperson.


You are great at giving advice and guidance to others that need it. You would be great in an HR role because you truly care for the other people you work with.


You bring a calm demeanor to tough situations. You do a great job working with others and finding a solution to a problem.


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What Your Favorite Instrument Says About Your Work 1

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